Odisha BJP Legislative Party Meeting On June 10 To Choose CM Before Oath Ceremony: Tomar

Odisha BJP Legislative Party Meeting On June 10 To Choose CM Before Oath Ceremony: Tomar

Odisha BJP Legislative Party Meeting On June 10 To Choose CM Before Oath Ceremony: Tomar


Bhubaneswar: Following the historic victory in Odisha, preparations are underway for the grand swearing-in ceremony scheduled for June 10. Vijaypal Singh Tomar, Odisha BJP’s election in-charge, shared insights on the upcoming event and the process of selecting the new Chief Minister during an interview with ABP News. Speaking about the preparations, Tomar said, “As the Prime Minister mentioned, it will be a grand event with at least 40,000-50,000 people expected to gather. Before the swearing-in ceremony, there will be a legislative party meeting on June 10 where the leader will be chosen. The swearing-in will take place in the evening.”

When asked about the specifics of the legislative party meeting and the decision on the Chief Minister, Tomar stated, “The decision on the name will be made during the legislative party meeting. The leader selected in that meeting will be announced on the 10th. The final decision will be based on the legislators’ choice.”

Regarding the criteria for selecting the Chief Minister, Tomar stated, “There are no pre-decided names. The legislators’ opinions will be considered, and the leader chosen from among them will be announced.”

Vijaypal Singh Tomar On Ex-Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik’s Remarks About VK Pandian

Commenting on former Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s statement about V.K. Pandian not being his successor, Tomar remarked, “When did he say that? He said it just before the fourth phase. By then, the administration was already being run by him (Pandian) while the Chief Minister was just a figurehead. Our workers informed the public that the schemes implemented were all provided by Honourable Modi Ji, and they were just claiming credit for them.”

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Addressing rumours about BJD legislators joining BJP, Tomar said, “Many BJD legislators want to join us, but we have a complete majority and do not need anyone at the moment.”

When pressed for details on the number of BJD legislators interested in joining and the BJP’s response, Tomar responded, “I cannot specify numbers, but there are some who wish to join. However, we do not have any necessity for them right now.”

Finally, regarding the considerations for the Odisha Chief Minister’s candidate in terms of representation from SC, ST, OBC, or women, Tomar highlighted the party’s diverse representation, “The BJP has a full majority with approximately 18 ST, 15 SC, and several OBC and women members. We have many experienced and seasoned workers, so there is no shortage of capable faces.”

As the BJP gears up for the swearing-in ceremony, the final announcement of the new Chief Minister remains highly anticipated. 


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