Water Crisis Forces Maharashtra Village To Scramble For Last Drops In Dirty Well: VIDEO


Amid the rising tempartures and hot weather conditions in various parts of India, people are facing problems due to shortage of water for their day to day needs. The residents of Heduli Pada village in Maharashtra’s Nashik were seen collecting dirty water from the well amid acute water shortage.

Speaking on the issue of water shortage in the village a resident said that the Heduli Pada village there are only around 500 people and they have to go here and there in search of water. She also said that children and old people are falling sick because of the dirty water.  

“Around 500 people stay in the village Heduli Pada. There is no water in the well of our village…we have to go here and there in search of water. We are in a bad situation. The water that is in the well is very dirty…children and old people in our village are falling sick. It has been 2-3 months, there is no proper water in the well,” village resident Bharti Shinme told news agency ANI.

Another village resident Jai Ramshid said, ” The water in the well is very dirty and it is not even drinkable for our animals. All villagers are drinking this water. Therefore we demand the administration to send water to our village soon.”

Large parts of northern and eastern India have been reeling under sweltering heatwave from last few weeks. Besides heatwaves during the day, warmer-than-usual nights have further exacerbated people’s distress.

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