Uttarakhand News Missing Trekkers Death Toll Rises Helicopters Brought In Rescue Operations


Uttarakhand News: At least nine trekkers from Karnataka lost their lives in Uttarakhand due to extreme weather conditions, news agency PTI reported on Wednesday, citing officials. A 22-member trekking team was sent by Himalayan View Trekking Agency, Maneri, on May 29 on a 35-km long trek from Uttarkashi.

Uttarkashi District Magistrate Meharban Singh Bisht said that the team constituted 18 trekkers from Karnataka and one from Maharashtra, besides three local guides.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Wednesday issued instructions to concerned officials asking them to take necessary action for the safe rescue of trekkers and to bring the bodies of the deceased to the state immediately.

Earlier, speaking to PTI, the Principal Secretary in the Revenue Department, Rashmi Mahesh had stated that four trekkers from Karnataka lost their lives while rescue operations were on to save the others trapped at Sahasratal in Uttarakhand.

The District Magistrate of Garhwal was monitoring the rescue operation. However, later, the death toll rose to nine.

Meanwhile, Revenue Minister Krishna Byre Gowda left for Dehradun to monitor and coordinate the rescue operation, PTI reported. In a statement released by his office, the minister said that a team of trekkers from Karnataka started their trek on Tuesday morning in the high altitude area of Shastratal Mayali in Uttarakhand. After reaching the destination, the team tried to return to the camp again. However, on the way back, the weather turned completely bad at 2 pm due to a blizzard and they were stranded.

“Last night, we came to know that trekkers from Karnataka are in danger due to adverse weather conditions. As soon as we came to know the matter, the Uttarakhand government, the Mountaineering Federation of India and the Home Department of the Central Government were contacted through the district administration. With their help, the rescue operation is being carried out,” he said, as quoted by PTI.

Rescue Ops Began On Tuesday

The operation to rescue trekkers began on Tuesday with the help of locally available helicopters and an Indian Air Force helicopter  According to Gowda, emergency rescue operations began on Tuesday evening with the help of locally available helicopters.

An Indian Air Force helicopter reached Uttarkashi at 9 am on Wednesday to rescue the trekkers, PTI reported. Also, a disaster management team started moving towards the camp by land route on the same day. Some trekkers have been rescued and were sent to a safe place in Dehradun.

“I spoke to one of the trekkers and gathered accurate information about the current situation there. The work to rescue the rest is in progress and the Government of Karnataka has already started all its efforts to rescue the trekkers. I left for Dehradun on Wednesday afternoon to assist in this operation,” he said, as quoted by PTI.

“Unfortunately, there have also been reports of some trekkers dying, which we are trying to reconfirm with local authorities and private agencies. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has instructed us to make all efforts to retrieve the bodies of the deceased trekkers. We are in touch with the Uttarakhand government and are going to work in this regard,” he further stated.


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