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NEW DELHI: Ruchira Kamboj, India’s Permanent Representative on the United Nations praised the nation’s remarkable contributions to global peace and security, on the occasion of International Day of UN Peacekeepers.
She emphasised the unwavering bravery of Indian peacekeepers in safeguarding vulnerable communities worldwide. Kamboj paid tribute to those who sacrificed their lives while serving as UN peacekeepers, acknowledging their “ultimate sacrifice under the blue flag” in the pursuit of peace.She expressed pride in the recognition of Indian peacekeeper Major Radhika Sen, who received the UN Gender Military Advocate Award for her outstanding service and leadership in Congo.
“Countless indian peacekeepers have made the ultimate sacrifice under the blue flag, laying down their lives in the pursuit of peace. Their deep commitment to bringing solace to those devastated by conflict stands as a pillar of hope and humanity. This year, we are particularly honoured to receive the UN Gender Military Advocate Award…a powerful testament to India’s steadfast dedication to gender equality and the invaluable role of women in peacekeeping,” she said in the video.

Kamboj highlighted India’s contributions beyond operational deployments, noting that the nation’s think tanks, drawing from extensive experience, contribute to the latest ideation and strategic thinking in peacekeeping, ensuring innovative and effective approaches.
She also emphasised the importance of pre-deployment training at the Centre for United Nations Peacekeeping in New Delhi, which prepares both Indian peacekeepers and their international counterparts to face challenges with resilience and empathy.
The International Day of UN Peacekeepers pays tribute to the service, sacrifice, and resilience of peacekeepers and the communities they serve. It honors the more than 4,000 peacekeepers who have lost their lives in the pursuit of peace over the past 70 years. This year’s theme, “Fit for the future, building better together,” recognises the vital contributions of civilian, military, and law enforcement peacekeepers.


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