‘To save a goon … ‘: Swati Maliwal’s reply as AAP backs Kejriwal’s aide in assault case | India News

‘To save a goon … ‘: Swati Maliwal’s reply as AAP backs Kejriwal’s aide in assault case | India News

As the Aam Aadmi Party refused to back MP Swati Maliwal in the assault case and claimed she was sent by the BJP to entrap Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, the AAP MP said her character is being questioned by the party “only to save a goon”.
“The leaders who joined the party yesterday declared a 20-year-old worker as a BJP agent. Two days ago the party had accepted the truth in the PC and today it has taken a U-turn,” she said in a post on X.

“This goon [Bibhav Kumar] is threatening the party that if I get arrested I will reveal all the secrets.That is why he is roaming around in Lucknow and everywhere, seeking shelter. Today, under his pressure, the party gave in and to save a goon, my character was questioned by the entire party. No problem, I have been fighting alone for the women of the entire country, I will fight for myself too. Do character assassination as much as possible, the truth will come out when the time comes!” she added.
Maliwal’s reaction comes after Atishi’s press conference in which she claimed the incident was a BJP conspiracy to frame Kejriwal. She also termed the allegations levelled against Kejriwal’s aide Bibhav Kumar “baseless”.
She had reached the CM’s residence without an appointment and her intention was to level allegations against Kejriwal, senior AAP leader Atishi alleged at a press conference.
“Today a video has surfaced that has exposed the lie of Maliwal. In her FIR, she has said she was brutally assaulted and she was in pain, and buttons of her shirt were torn. A video that has surfaced shows an entirely different reality,” Atishi said.
“The video shows her threatening Kumar. The charges levelled by Maliwal are baseless. Maliwal insisted on meeting Kejriwal. She is Rajya Sabha MP and she should know that the CM has a busy schedule. Kumar told her that the chief minister is busy and unable to meet her. She shouted at him, pushed him and tried to enter the residential portion of the CM House,” the AAP leader added.

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