To fulfil 70-year-old’s last wish, Kerala driver makes 2,500km dash | India News

To fulfil 70-year-old’s last wish, Kerala driver makes 2,500km dash | India News

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Arun Kumar is no stranger to navigating the bustling streets of Kerala‘s Kollam or racing down the highway to Thiruvananthapuram with sirens blaring. Yet, when faced with the daunting prospect of a 2,400km journey from Kollam to Raiganj in Bengal, doubts crept in. With the doctors advising minimal stops for food and fuel, the challenge seemed insurmountable.
For 15 years, ever since she moved to Kollam with her son Sowthish, 44, in search of greener pastures, Bodhini Bhahan had never had the urge to return to the hardscrabble life she had left behind.Sowthish worked at a brick factory in Mynagappally and the family was getting by blissfully. However, earlier this year, Bodhini suffered a stroke and became bedridden. She wished to return to her hometown and reunite with her close relatives.
Sowthish understood her wishes but faced challenges in fulfilling them. He was at a loss – he couldn’t afford the exorbitant airfare, and his mother wouldn’t survive a midsummer train journey from Kollam to Raiganj. “The only option was an ambulance, but no ambulance driver was willing to take us to Bengal due to the distance,” Sowthish said.In his search for a solution, Sowthish came across Emirates Ambulance Service. Contacting its owner Kiran G Dileep, he found a glimmer of hope. Despite financial constraints, Emirates Ambulance Service agreed to transport Bodhini to Bengal for a reduced fare, driven by compassion rather than profit. “They asked for Rs 1.20 lakh, but we had only Rs 40,000 in hand. After considering our situation, they agreed at Rs 90,000. We paid Rs 40,000 and promised to hand over the rest after reaching Bengal,” Sowthish said.
Reflecting on the journey, Kiran highlighted the role of Arun’s determination in making the seemingly impossible possible. “Arun dared to take up the challenge to help them and asked me to do the needful to arrange the journey. It was only because of his great determination, this became possible as it is not easy to drive this long distance alone,” he said.

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