Teen Admits Being Drunk On May 19, Mother Claims ‘Doctors Asked Her To Swap Blood Samples’


A 17-year-old boy involved in the Porsche accident in Pune on May 19, which claimed the lives of two young IT professionals, confessed to the Pune Police that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. According to India Today, citing police sources, the teenager admitted during questioning that he was heavily intoxicated while driving and could not recall all the details of the incident. 

Hindustan Times reported that during the interrogation session, which lasted over an hour from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM, the teenager stated that due to his inebriated state, he had no memory of the events leading up to the accident. The questioning took place in the presence of his mother, who was arrested on Saturday, along with officials from the crime branch, including Assistant Commissioner of Police Sunil Tambe and the district child protection officer. 

Despite persistent questioning, the juvenile remained unresponsive and claimed to have no recollection of his activities prior to the accident, as per police sources cited by HT. 

A crime branch official, according to HT, revealed, “Our officials asked the minor about his location before the accident, his presence in Blak and Cosie pubs, driving the Porsche, details of the accident, tampering of evidence, collection of blood samples and medical tests. To all the questions, the minor had a single answer – that he had no memory of anything as he was drunk”. Initial investigations revealed that the minor and his companions had consumed alcohol at the two pubs, accruing a total bill of Rs 48,000. 

Minor’s Mother Claims ‘Doctors Asked Her To Swap Blood Samples’

In another development, The Times of India, quoting Pune Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar, reported that the minor driver’s mother, who was apprehended on Saturday for allegedly substituting her blood sample for her son’s, informed the authorities that doctors at Sassoon General Hospital had advised her to provide her blood as a sample instead of her son’s. 

Amitesh Kumar stated, “We have recorded the statement of the woman (49). She told us that the doctors of the hospital had told her to give her blood as a sample instead of her son’s. She feigned ignorance on why the doctors told her so”. 

Subsequently, a Pune court granted police custody of the boy’s parents until June 5 in connection with evidence tampering in the case. Both parents are under investigation for their alleged involvement in altering the minor’s blood sample following the accident on May 19. 

Additionally, the police arrested the minor’s grandfather, Surendra Agarwal, on charges of kidnapping the family’s driver and coercing him to take the blame for the accident. Alongside, two doctors and a hospital employee were arrested for allegedly swapping the minor’s blood samples. 

The police have filed three separate cases related to the accident, including one against the bar that served liquor to the underage driver. Moreover, the boy’s father faces charges for allowing him to drive without a valid licence, further complicating the legal proceedings surrounding the accident. 


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