Shooter Brandishes Pistol, Hits Man On Lucknow Road. Congress Slams Yogi Govt Over Video

Shooter Brandishes Pistol, Hits Man On Lucknow Road. Congress Slams Yogi Govt Over Video

An incident of road rage escalated when a man threatened another following a car collision in the Web Mall area of UP’s Lucknow. Vinod Mishra, an international pistol shooter, grabbed the other driver, Ranjeet’s t-shirt, pointed a pistol at him, and struck his abdomen with the gun’s barrel. He then pushed Ranjeet against a car and hit his shoulder with the gun’s butt as Ranjeet tried to protect himself.

“Ranjeet was going toward Bhutnath in his white WagonR when his car hit Mishra’s black Tata Safari, this led to an argument between them and the accused took out his gun,” Additional Superintendent of Police, Amit Kumawat said, as reported by NDTV.

Mishra hit the man at least three times with the gun in an assault. Despite the victim’s apology, the accused persisted in threatening him.

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The incident was captured on camera by a passerby in a vehicle and went the video viral on social media.

“Adityanath ji, open your eyes and see…This video is from Lucknow, the capital of the state ruled by you. See, where you shamelessly stand at rallies and talk about law and order from the open stage, this is the condition of the same state. Shame on such a Chief Minister, shame on such a BJP Government… which is unable to keep even the state capital safe, let alone the state!” UP Congress wrote on its social media page on X (formerly known as Twitter).

The incident happened in Lucknow’s Bansmandi neighborhood on Faizabad Road. When Ranjeet, the victim, filed a complaint, the police took notice of the incident and detained Vinod Mishra, the accused, NDTV’s report stated.

The licensed pistol owned by Mishra has also been seized by the police, and the situation is being looked into. The police assured additional legal action regarding the incident. The accused works as a shooting coach and is a shooter at the international level.

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