Rajnath Singh: Pakistan acknowledges India growth, but not Congress | India News – Times of India


Defence minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday said even Pakistan now acknowledges India’s ascent as a global superpower. “On the one hand, countries like Pakistan acknowledge India’s growth, on the other, SP and Congress are speaking against Prime Minister Modi,” Singh said.
Addressing political rallies in Kushinagar, Robertsganj and Chandauli, Singh was referring to Pakistani politician Fazal ur Rehman’s statement that the latter’s country is becoming the “begging bowl of the world” while India is becoming a superpower.
The defence minister said if BJP comes to office, it will establish a ‘One Nation, One Election’ policy. “BJP believes that multiple elections are not beneficial for the country as they result in a waste of both resources and time.”
Predicting a complete wipe-out of the two principal opposition parties of UP, Singh said in a few years Samajwadi Party will be known as ‘Samapt Party’ while Congress will vanish from the political landscape in the next 5-10 years “just as dinosaurs have become extinct”.


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