PM Narendra Modi Exclusive Interview ABP News ABP Ananda OBC Reservation West Bengal TMC Mamata Banerjee Lok Sabha Election Result 2024

PM Narendra Modi Exclusive Interview ABP News ABP Ananda OBC Reservation West Bengal TMC Mamata Banerjee Lok Sabha Election Result 2024


PM Narendra Modi Exclusive: Ahead of the final phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed confidence in securing a decisive majority for a third term during an exclusive interview with ABP Network. Conducted by Suman De of ABP Ananda and Rohit Sawal and Romana Isar Khan of ABP News, the interview touched on various topics, including Reservations, corruption in Bengal, and Cyclone Remal’s impact on the state.

On the issue of reservation in West Bengal, Modi criticised Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for her stance on OBC reservations and her comments about the judiciary. Last week, the Calcutta High Court struck down the OBC status of several classes granted since 2010, declaring such reservations illegal. Banerjee had rejected the ruling, suggesting it was influenced by the BJP.

Referring to Banerjee’s remarks, Modi told ABP, “Mamata’s opposition to the court’s decision is an insult to the judiciary. Granting reservations based on religion is a violation of the Constitution. The Constituent Assembly had debated this, and it was unanimously agreed that reservations should not be based on religion.”

Modi further elaborated referring to reservation for Economically Weak Sections (EWS), “Our reservation policies have been accepted by all because they are not based on religion. We have already divided the country enough on religious lines. Reservations should not be a tool for vote bank politics.” He criticised the TMC’s approach, citing that in Bengal, “77 communities were made OBC for vote bank politics, similar to what happened overnight in Karnataka.”

“We are not opposing Muslims but we are against the idea that reservations should be given on the basis of religion, which our Constitution does not permit,” Modi asserted.

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TMC Snatched Rights Of OBC Youths For Vote Jihad: PM Modi 

During an election rally in Barasat, without directly naming Banerjee, Modi condemned her for questioning the judges of the Calcutta High Court. “The court has exposed the treachery of the Trinamool Congress with the OBCs. The party snatched the rights of OBC youths to support its appeasement politics and ‘vote jihad’. The TMC has betrayed the OBCs of West Bengal,” he declared.

Modi further remarked, “It is quite evident that TMC doesn’t like those who expose its treachery and lies. I am astonished to see how the party is questioning the judiciary. Don’t they have any faith in the judiciary and our Constitution?”

He continued, “The way they are attacking judges is unprecedented. I would like to know whether the TMC would now let loose its goons on judges as they are exposed? The entire country is seeing how TMC is strangulating the judiciary in West Bengal.”


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