PM Modi’s Attack On Oppn In Jharkhand’s Dumka

PM Modi’s Attack On Oppn In Jharkhand’s Dumka


PM Modi In Jharkhand: Prime Minister Narendra Modi went all out against the opposition on Tuesday, ahead of the final phase of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. The Prime Minister, who was in Dumka, Jharkhand, launched a scathing attack on the I.N.D.I.A. bloc, saying that the people of the opposition give reservations to Muslims based on religion. 

While addressing a public rally in Dumka, PM Modi asserted that till the time he is alive, no one will be able to snatch the reservations of tribals, Dalits, and backward classes.

“People of the INDI Jamaat give reservation to Muslims on the basis of religion… I want to tell the people of I.N.D.I alliance that as long as Modi is alive, you will not be able to snatch away the reservation of Tribals, Dalits, backward classes and extremely backward classes and give it to Muslims, to those who do ‘vote jihad’,” the Prime Minister said.


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