Over 50 Mumbai Hospitals Receive Bomb Threats Via VPN After Hoax Emails To 41 Airports


More than 50 hospitals in Mumbai, including Jaslok Hospital, Raheja Hospital, Seven Hill Hospital, Kohinoor Hospital, KEM Hospital, JJ Hospital, and St. George Hospital, received bomb threat emails, news agency ANI reported on Tuesday. As per Mumbai Police, the emails were sent using a VPN network, and the identity and motive of the sender remain unknown. A similar kind of bomb threat was also received by the Hinduja College of Commerce in Mumbai. 

Earlier today, forty-one airports across India received bomb threat emails, prompting extensive anti-sabotage checks by security agencies. All threats were ultimately declared hoaxes, news agency PTI reported citing official sources.

The emails, sent from the address exhumedyou888@gmail.com, were received at around 12:40 PM, as per the PTI report. Each airport implemented contingency measures, and conducted thorough anti-sabotage checks, and swept terminals following recommendations from their respective from their respective Bomb Threat Assessment Committees. 

An online group called “KNR” was suspected to be behind these hoax emails. This group had previously issued similar threats to several schools in the Delhi-NCR region on May 1, the report said. 

The threat emails contained a similar message: “Hello, there are explosives hidden in the Airports. The bombs will soon explode. You will all die”. 

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