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NEW DELHI: Over 50 hospitals in the city including Jaslok Hospital, Raheja Hospital, Seven Hill Hospital, Kohinoor Hospital, KEM Hospital, JJ Hospital, St. George Hospital, and several others, have been the recipients of bomb threats via email.
According to Mumbai Police, the emails were sent using a VPN network, making it difficult to trace the sender’s identity and determine the motive behind the threats.
Authorities are currently investigating the matter to identify the individual or group responsible for sending the threatening emails and to establish the reason behind their actions.
Apart from hospitals, Mumbai’s Hinduja College of Commerce was also a target of bomb threat mails. The message claimed that the college would be destroyed by an explosive device. In response to the alarming mail, Mumbai Police dispatched officers from the local police station and the bomb squad to the institution. Upon arriving at the scene, they initiated a thorough investigation of the premises. However, after a comprehensive search, no suspicious items or devices were discovered. The case is currently under investigation by the VP Road Police Station in Mumbai, as confirmed by Mumbai Police.
The incident has raised concerns among students, faculty, and staff at the Hinduja College of Commerce. The administration is cooperating fully with law enforcement to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. While the threat appears to have been a hoax, the authorities are taking the matter seriously and working diligently to identify the individual or group responsible for sending the email.
This comes after 41 airports across India including Delhi Patna, Coimbatore and Jaipur received bomb threats causing flight delays. Officials later revealed that all threats were found to be hoax.


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