Neuralink Brain Chip First Patient Noland Arbaugh Reveals How Technology Has Changed His Life Elon Musk

Neuralink Brain Chip First Patient Noland Arbaugh Reveals How Technology Has Changed His Life Elon Musk


Noland Arbaugh became the first human ever to get the Neuralink brain chip implanted inside his head. He recently revealed how the groundbreaking technology has changed his life for good. In an interview with Good Morning America, Arbaugh said that the device has given him the ability to have nearly full control over using a computer with just the power of his thoughts. He said, ”I can control a computer just like anyone else can, which is not something I was able to do beforehand.”

He then talked about how participating in groundbreaking scientific research will help pave the way to improve the lives of paralysed people and said, ”I knew that if I did this then it would take a lot of headache and heartache away from the people down the road.”

While the surgery in January 2024 was successful, there have been recent technology-related issues that almost resulted in the company considering the removal of the brain device. The problem arose when some data was lost due to the retraction of several threads of the implant. Arbaugh shared that he felt emotional, worrying that he might lose the benefits that the device had brought to his life.

He said, “It was very, very hard to give up all of the amazing things that I was able to do. I think I had cried afterwards.” Fortunately, Elon Musk-owned Neuralink was able to make modifications to the technology and improve his connection.

Arbaugh’s Hopes From The Future

Now, the man is hopeful that there will come a day when spinal cord injuries will not be completely debilitating. He said, “I don’t think it’s as far away as people might think. It’s going to be amazing when someone can have a spinal cord injury, go into a hospital, get surgery, and walk out a couple of days later. I think it’s gonna happen.”

In a notable event, he suffered a spinal cord injury during a “freak diving accident” eight years ago. This incident occurred while he was working as a summer camp counsellor for children, resulting in him becoming quadriplegic in 2016. In 2017, he managed to raise $10,000 through a successful GoFundMe campaign, which enabled him to buy an accessible custom-built van.


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