Medical Student At GMC Srinagar Suspended Over ‘Blasphemous’ Post

Medical Student At GMC Srinagar Suspended Over ‘Blasphemous’ Post

Srinagar: A non-local medical student at the Government Medical College (GMC) in Srinagar has been suspended for allegedly sharing an objectionable post on an online messaging app. The action was taken following protests from fellow students.

In a statement on X, GMC Srinagar posted: “Immediate cognisance of the matter was taken by the GMC Srinagar administration. Pending enquiry, the concerned individual has been suspended with immediate effect.” 

An inquiry committee comprising 13 heads of departments and other officials has been formed to investigate the matter. The administration has urged all concerned to maintain peace and tranquility on the campus.

Protests erupted at GMC Srinagar earlier on Wednesday, with many students and junior doctors demanding action against the accused student for his alleged blasphemous display picture on a calling application. The protestors claimed that they had given the student three hours to remove the picture, which he refused.

In response to concerns over the spread of provocative content, the Kashmir cyber police issued a reminder to social media users to exercise caution and responsibility in their online behaviour. The cyber police warned that posts violating cyber laws would be swiftly dealt with, emphasising the importance of maintaining a respectful digital environment.

“Maintaining a clean and respectful digital space is a collective responsibility,” said a cyber law enforcement spokesperson. “We are committed to upholding the integrity of our digital environment and will take necessary actions against those who violate these standards.”

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