Massive 10-Foot Crocodile Jumps Out Of UP Canal, Tries To Climb Railing In Bulandshahr — On Cam

Massive 10-Foot Crocodile Jumps Out Of UP Canal, Tries To Climb Railing In Bulandshahr — On Cam

A massive 10-foot crocodile was seen trying to climb over a railing near the Ganga canal at Narora Ghat in Bulandshahr, causing a stir in the town on Wednesday when it emerged from a nearby canal.

Frightened locals alerted the police and forest department. Soon they arrived at the spot to capture the crocodile, as per the NDTV report.

A video of the entire incident is going viral which purportedly shows officials trying to catch the reptile as it tries to climb over an iron railing to return to the water. Failing that, the distressed crocodile landed on the ground and tried to scurry away.

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To safely capture the crocodile, forest officials covered its head with a cloth and attempted to tie its limbs to prevent any attacks on the rescue team.

Videos show that minutes later, ropes were used to tie its legs. Four forest officials held onto the ropes controlling the crocodile’s head and front legs, while another official looped a rope around its hind legs.

According to officials, The crocodile was rescued after a few hours and released back into the canal.

Other Places Where Crocodiles Seen Outside Their Natural Habitats

As per the report of India Today, this is not the first instance of crocodiles being seen outside their natural habitats in India. On June 24, 2023, residents of Vadodara, Gujarat, spotted a crocodile on a road near the Vishwamitri River during heavy rainfall.

The 12-foot crocodile had emerged from the Vishwamitri River, which is common during the monsoon season in that area. Wildlife rescue teams promptly captured the crocodile and secured it in a cage.

Similarly, in December 2023, a crocodile was found on the streets of Chennai following heavy rainfall, prompting the Tamil Nadu Forest Department to issue a public advisory.

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