Lok Sabha elections: Google doodle marks fourth phase of general elections in India 2024 | India News

Lok Sabha elections: Google doodle marks fourth phase of general elections in India 2024 | India News

NEW DELHI: The Google doodle for May 13 has been dedicated to the fourth phase of the Lok Sabha Elections. The doodle, which temporarily replaces the iconic “Google” logo on the search engine’s homepage, depicts an uplifted index finger marked with indelible ink, capturing the essence of Indian elections. This doodle will only be visible to users in India as the country enters Phase 4 of the Lok Sabha Polls.
During the previous phases of the Lok Sabha elections 2024, held on April 19, April 26, and May 7, similar inked finger icons were incorporated into the Google logo. The fourth phase of the elections is being held today with polling in 96 Parliamentary Constituencies across 9 States and one Union Territory. Additionally, all 175 seats of the Andhra Pradesh state legislative assembly and 28 seats of the Odisha state legislative assembly are holding elections on the same day.
The Election Commission of India announced that a total of 1,717 candidates from 10 States/UTs will contest in phase 4 of the Lok Sabha polls. Out of the 4,264 nominations filed for the 96 parliamentary constituencies, Telangana received the maximum number of nomination forms (1488), followed by Andhra Pradesh with 1103 nominations from 25 constituencies. Malkajgiri parliamentary constituency in Telangana had the highest number of nomination forms at 177, while 13-Nalgonda and 14-Bhongir in the same state each received 114 nomination forms.
The Election Commission also noted that the average number of contesting candidates per parliamentary constituency for the fourth phase is 18. The last date for filing nominations for phase 4 in all 10 States/UTs was April 25, 2024. Furthermore, the Commission increased the polling time in certain assembly segments of 17 Parliamentary Constituencies of Telangana (from 7 am to 6 pm) to encourage higher voter participation.
Google Doodles are temporary alterations made to the Google logo to commemorate various local and global themes, including holidays, significant dates, and influential individuals who have made remarkable contributions to society. These Doodles come in various formats, such as images, animations, slideshows, videos, and interactive games, providing users with a range of engaging experiences.

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