Lenovo Might Soon Launch Its Handheld Gaming Device Lenovo Legion Go’s Lite Version: Report

Lenovo Might Soon Launch Its Handheld Gaming Device Lenovo Legion Go’s Lite Version: Report


Launched in September last year, the Lenovo Legion Go is powered by AMD Ryzen Z1 series processors and runs on Windows 11. This handheld gaming PC, featuring detachable controllers reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch, followed a trend set by portable gaming devices like the Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally. Now, Lenovo is reportedly preparing to introduce a ‘Lite’ version of the Legion Go. This development comes on the heels of Asus’s recent announcement that an updated ROG Ally handheld is on the way.

According to a Windows Central report, which cites sources familiar with Lenovo’s plans, the company is gearing up to release a Lenovo Legion Go ‘Lite’. The ‘Lite’ version is expected to run on the same AMD Ryzen Z1 series processors but will likely include some “refinements” over the original model.

While specific details about the changes and updates for the Lenovo Legion Go Lite are not yet available, the ‘Lite’ designation suggests that there may be some hardware compromises to make the handheld gaming device more affordable.

Lenovo Legion Go Lite: What Do We Know

The Windows Central report speculates that the Lenovo Legion Go Lite might feature a smaller screen and could eliminate the detachable controllers, similar to the Nintendo Switch Lite. As a result, the Lenovo Legion Go Lite could be offered at a more affordable price point.

Currently, there are no official details about the ‘Lite’ version of the Lenovo Legion Go, and the company has not disclosed a launch timeline for the device.

Lenovo isn’t the only manufacturer preparing an updated version of its handheld gaming PC. Asus has announced that it will release the Asus ROG Ally X, a refreshed version of its handheld device, on June 2. The upcoming ROG Ally X is expected to feature a significantly larger battery, more RAM, and a new black colour option.

A report from last week indicated that the Asus ROG Ally X will include a larger 80Whr battery and will come with 24GB of LPDDR5 memory, compared to the 16GB of RAM found in its predecessor.


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