Israel Envoy Asks Nationals To Visit Indian Beaches After Maldives Ban

Israel Envoy Asks Nationals To Visit Indian Beaches After Maldives Ban


Following Maldives’ ban on Israeli citizens over Gaza war, Israeli envoys have urged Israeli citizens to consider Indian beaches.

In the middle of the tensions, the Israeli Embassy’s X page is blowing up with photos of Indian beaches, including those from Goa and Kerala.

“Since the Maldives is no longer welcoming Israelis, here are some beautiful and amazing Indian beaches where Israeli tourists are warmly welcomed and treated with the utmost hospitality,” the Embassy of Israel wrote on its social media handle X.

As per the India Today report, the Israeli Embassy also posted a photo of a beach in Lakshadweep. This archipelago in the Arabian Sea is a sensitive subject for Maldivians, evidenced by derogatory comments from Maldivian ministers after PM Narendra Modi shared photos of himself dipping and enjoying the beaches there. These remarks were considered racist and sparked a major controversy in India, including calls to boycott the Maldives as a tourist spot.

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The Maldives’ economy heavily depends on tourism, making this Israeli ban potentially damaging. The situation is compounded by a record low in Indian tourists and a significant 88 per cent drop in Israeli visitors this year compared to last year.

Public outrage over the ongoing conflict in Gaza and mounting pressure from opposition parties appear to have been the driving forces behind the decision to prohibit Israeli passport holders from entering the nation.

A subcommittee led by President Mohamed Muizzu has been formed to supervise the ban’s execution. To further aid the Palestinian people, a nationwide fundraising initiative named “Maldivians in Solidarity with Palestine” has been started.


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