Instagram Testing Early Access Feature Akin To WhatsApp

Instagram Testing Early Access Feature Akin To WhatsApp

Instagram is reportedly exploring an “Early Access to Features” option, similar to WhatsApp’s existing beta program where users can test unreleased features. Currently, testers can only access Instagram’s developing features through the Android Beta program. The new early access feature on Instagram, Meta’s photo and video sharing platform, will be available within the settings menu, as indicated by a screenshot shared by mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi.

Details about this feature are still scarce, but it may function similarly to WhatsApp’s system. On WhatsApp, Meta releases multiple beta versions of features to a select group of testers before a wider rollout. This approach allows users to preview upcoming features and provides a timeline for their release. Additionally, it enables users to request specific functionalities, contributing to the app’s development process.

Instagram To Roll Out AI-Powered Themes For Chats?

In addition to an early access program, Instagram is reportedly working on a groundbreaking feature that allows users to create chat themes using artificial intelligence (AI). Presently, Instagram offers a range of customisable chat themes that include colour gradients and various pre-designed options. However, recent leaks suggest that Instagram is exploring a more advanced customisation feature. A leaked screenshot reveals a new option within the chat theme settings: “Create with AI.” This indicates that Instagram might be testing a feature that leverages AI to personalize or generate unique chat themes based on user preferences.

The potential for AI-generated chat themes could significantly enhance the user experience by providing more tailored and dynamic visual options for conversations. This development aligns with Meta’s broader strategy of integrating AI across its platforms. Notably, Meta, Instagram’s parent company, has already introduced an AI chatbot on the platform. This chatbot is capable of addressing a wide range of queries, such as tips for caring for houseplants, recommendations for the best dog food, and guides for spring fashion. Powered by Meta AI, the chatbot compiles answers from Google and presents them in a conversational format, complete with links to the original sources.

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