India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup 2024 Could Fetch ,800 Per Second In Ad Sales: Report

India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup 2024 Could Fetch $4,800 Per Second In Ad Sales: Report

India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup 2024 Could Fetch ,800 Per Second In Ad Sales: Report


The upcoming India vs Pakistan (IND vs PAK) T20 World Cup 2024 fixture has got the world’s eyes on it. The reason is not sporting alone. The clash between the arch-rivals, known as the ‘mother of all contests’, is set to be a massive opportunity for businesses to capture attention through advertising, making use of the purchasing capacity of the people from South Asian roots in the United States.

For the unversed, IND vs PAK is all set to be played at the Nassau County Intrnational Cricket Stadium a makeshift stadium built in New York, to host some marquee clashes with this clash headlining them all. This is the first time that the T20 World Cup is being played on American shores with matches also set to be in the Caribbean islands.

India traditionally enjoy an impressive record against their arch-rivals in T20 World Cup history and are the top-ranked team in the world. But Pakistan would be desperate for a win, all the more after their stunning defeat against co-hosts USA which has put doubts over their qualification in the Super Eight Stage of the competition.

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And now a Moneycontrol report which has quoted Santosh N, managing partner at D&P Advisory, a sports valuation service providing company, states that the ad sales for the match could fetch as much as 4 million rupees ($48,000) for 10 seconds.

“The India-Pakistan game always commands a premium,” Santosh N was quoted as saying as per the aforementioned publication. To put this into perspective, he drew parallels with a Super Bowl ad which is a reported $6.5 million for 30 seconds.

Emirates Group, Saudi Aramco, Coca-Co Co. are some of the major multinational firms among others who are sponsoring the tournament which has commenced

T20 World Cup 2024 Schedule Made Keeping India Prime Time In Mind: West Indies Cricket Chief

Earlier, the West Indies Cricket Board chief Johnny Grave had talked about the need to find the balance between a T20 World Cup schedule that favours India prime-time but is also convenient for the locals. That explains why some matches are starting as early as 10:30 am local time while others are starting in evening.

“I think everyone accepts that the vast majority of revenues for all ICC events comes from one market,” Johnny Grave, the West Indes Cricket Board CEO, told Indian Express.

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“Therefore it is really important that we find a balance between starting matches at prime time in India and for home fans. We have half the matches early for Star Sports and then we have gone as late as possible so they will start early in the morning in India, so they should still get a decent viewership.”

“We as hosts can focus on the local fans attending the evening games and the 10:30 morning games will allow us to get school kids to watch some World Cup cricket for free,” he added.


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