In 3rd term, NDA will ban cow slaughter, build Sita temple: Amit Shah | India News

In 3rd term, NDA will ban cow slaughter, build Sita temple: Amit Shah | India News

PATNA: Home minister Amit Shah promised at a rally in Bihar Thursday that if voted to a third consecutive term in office, NDA would ban cow slaughter and “straighten” offenders, including those involved in cow smuggling, “by hanging them upside down”.
“Na gai ki taskari hone denge, na hatya (Won’t allow smuggling of cows, nor slaughter),” Shah declared at rallies in Madhubani and Sitamarhi.Accusing Congress and RJD chief Lalu Prasad of not doing anything for Sitamarhi’s Punaura Dham, revered as birthplace of Sita, he said BJP would build a grand temple there. He said Congress and RJD were too busy protecting banned outfits like PFI, which “wanted to make Bharat an Islamic state”, to be bothered about what the state wants.
Cong, RJD too busy protecting banned outfits like PFI to bother about India, Bihar, says Amit Shah
Amit Shah said Congress and Lalu’s party were too busy protecting banned organisations like PFI for them to be bothered about what the country and the state want.
He asked the gathering at both rallies whether they wanted ‘viksit raj’ or ‘jungle raj’. Shah said safeguarding India-Nepal border would be among priorities of NDA govt in its third term.
Echoing Modi’s remarks at a rally this week, Shah said INDIA bloc functionaries such as Farooq Abdullah of N C and Mani Shankar Aiyar of Congress reflected “meekness” of the alliance when they expressed fears about Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities if India tried to take back POK. “POK was and is ours, and we will take it back,” Shah said, adding that the country was strong enough to handle any challenge under Modi’s governance.
He likened the current election to the battle of Mahabharata between Pandavas and Kauravas. He alleged that Congress-led UPA was guilty of corruption amounting to Rs 12 lakh crore, contrasting it with Modi’s stint. “Nobody can allege misappropriation of even 25 paise by Narendra Modi as both PM and previously CM of Gujarat, which is a combined period of 23 years.” He proceeded to question how Lalu and his family lived in “palatial bungalows”.
“Lalu is chanting ED, ED, but Rs 350 crore in cash was seized from a Congress functionary and Rs 51 crore from a TMC minister. Cash totalling Rs 31 crore was confiscated from the residence of a Jharkhand minister. Modi govt will work to send all the corrupt behind bars and ensure that the money is returned to the poor people of the country,” he said.
Highlighting BJP’s role in development of Bihar in general and Mithilanchal in particular, Shah said it was Atal Bihar Vajpayee’s govt that included Maithili in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution. “Modi govt introduced Maithili in UPSC exam (as an optional subject),” he said. “Kya Italy wale (alluding to Sonia and Rahul Gandhi) Maithili ka samman kar sakte hain (Can those from Italy give respect to Maithili)?” he said.
(With inputs from CS Jha ‘Azad’ in Madhubani)

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