Google Pixel 10’s Tensor G5 Chip Will Be Made By TSMC And Not Samsung

Google Pixel 10’s Tensor G5 Chip Will Be Made By TSMC And Not Samsung

The upcoming Google Pixel 10’s Tensor G5 chip will be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or (TSMC), marking the company’s first chip produced without South Korean tech giant Samsung, the media has reported. Meanwhile, the Tensor G4 for the upcoming Google Pixel 9 will continue to be manufactured by Samsung, albeit with minor enhancements, says a report in Android Authority.

According to evidence discovered in public trade databases corroborates the rumours and offers insights into the upcoming chipset. The shipping manifest for a Tensor G5 sample chip reveals the codename “Laguna Beach” alongside the abbreviation “LGA”, the report added. Earlier, Google used abbreviations such as “WHI” for Whitechapel (Tensor G1) and “ZPR” for Zuma Pro (Tensor G4). The manifest references TSMC and InFO POP, a packaging technology exclusive to TSMC, further substantiating the rumours.

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Even as the Google Pixel 9 has not been released yet, the shift to a TSMC-manufactured chip for the Pixel 10 suggests promising advancements for upcoming Google devices. Details regarding the performance and specifications of the Tensor G4 will be disclosed closer to its likely launch in October this year.

Google LLC in Taiwan is identified as the exporter, while Tessolve Semiconductor in India is listed as the importer. Tessolve specialises in semiconductor solutions, indicating that Google is subcontracting tasks that were previously handled by Samsung.

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The successful completion of tests, including the SLT (system-level test), confirms the basic functionality. Given that the chip is approximately 16 months away from official unveiling, early sampling is necessary to ensure the platform is prepared in advance.

The chip is labeled as revision “A0,” suggesting it’s an initial version with anticipated future iterations. “OTP, V1” signifies it is the first rendition of the one-time programmable data, enabling Google to adjust chip parameters without altering its structure. Additionally, “NPI-OPEN” denotes an early sample in the New Product Introduction phase, indicating ongoing refinement of manufacturing processes.

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