Elephant Baby Mudumalai National Park In Coimbatore Rejected By Mother


An elephant calf who was rejected by his mother was brought to the elephant feeding camp at the Mudumalai National Park in Coimbatore on Monday. Explaining the situation, forest veterinarian Dr Sukurmaran told ANI that, on May 30, they received information about an injured female elephant who was found lying down near the Mudumalai forest range in Coimbatore. They quickly realised that the adult female elephant, who had her calf by her side, was ill. 

To treat her, the forest department lifted the adult elephant with the help of a crane on May 31. The four-month-old calf, who could no longer get milk, subsequently moved further into the forest, ANI quoted Dr Sukurmaran as saying. 

The forest department tried hard to reunite the mother and the calf but all efforts failed, he added. According to the chief wildlife conservator of the forest, the calf was then sent to Mudumalai Elephant Camp to be cared for by the Mudumalai Forest Department.

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A report in The New Indian Express said the calf was loaded onto a vehicle of the forest department at the Maruthamalai foothill and brought to Theppakkadu.

Thirty elephants — 27 adults and three calves, including the new one — are at the Theppakkadu camp, the report noted.

According to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, 33 elephant reserves have been established so far in 14 major elephant states. Critical elephant habitats are notified as ‘elephant reserves’ for focus and synergy in conservation efforts, and to reduce conflict.

These Elephant Reserves overlap with tiger reserves, wildlife sanctuaries and reserved forests, which are protected under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, Indian Forest Act, 1927, and other state-specific legislations.


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