All 6 Accused, Including Juvenile’s Father, Remanded In Judicial Custody Until June 7

All 6 Accused, Including Juvenile’s Father, Remanded In Judicial Custody Until June 7

New Delhi: In the Pune car crash case, all six accused, including the father of the juvenile involved, have been remanded in judicial custody until June 7. The decision comes as part of the ongoing investigation into the incident, which has garnered significant attention.


Attempts Made To Show He Wasn’t Behind Wheel: Pune Police Chief

Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar said on Friday that there were efforts to manipulate evidence in the Porsche case, aiming to shift blame from the 17-year-old who crashed the car into a motorbike, resulting in two fatalities.

Kumar stated that attempts were made to fabricate evidence suggesting that an adult was driving instead of the teenager. However, these efforts were thwarted, Kumar informed reporters.

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“We have the CCTV footage of him (juvenile) drinking liquor in the pub. The point of saying this is that our case is not alone depending on the blood report as we have other evidence also,” the officer said.He (juvenile) was fully in his senses, He had full knowledge that due to his conduct, such an accident, where section 304 is applicable, can happen,” Kumar said.

Regarding allegations of preferential treatment towards the juvenile involved, Commissioner Kumar stated that an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) is currently investigating these claims.

Responding to reports of the juvenile being served pizza after the incident, Kumar clarified, “We have categorically stated that there was no pizza party at the police station. However, there was an incident, and we’ve initiated an internal investigation into it.” He emphasised the commitment to building a solid case, mentioning the filing of charges against the accused’s father and the bar owners.

Technical analysis of evidence is ongoing. Kumar also mentioned internal inquiries indicating lapses in case registration by some officers, promising action against them for evidence mishandling.

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“During our investigation, it has clearly emerged that the juvenile was driving the car and we have already collected all the necessary chronological evidence.

For example, when the juvenile left the house, the entry on the security register shows that he left with the car,” he said.On the basis of technical and CCTV evidence, it is confirmed that the car was being driven by the juvenile, the police chief said.

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