5 People Including Rescuer Drown In Bihar’s Begusarai, 4 Bodies Recovered


New Delhi: Five people have drowned in a river in Bihar’s Begusarai in a tragic incident reported on Monday. Sub-Inspector Pawan Kumar Singh of the Chakia police station said that the incident occurred when some individuals were believed to have fallen into the river. 

“Some people were reported to have drowned in the river, their family members also went into the river to rescue them but they also drowned. 4 bodies were recovered and 1 person was rescued but he also died later. A total of 5 people have died”, he said, reported ANI.

Two Missing As Boat Capsized In Maner 

In another incident, in Maner, Bihar, a distressing incident unfolded on Sunday as a boat capsized in the Ganga River near Mahavir Tola village, leaving two individuals missing. 

According to Sunil Kumar Bhagat, the head of the Maner police station, the incident took place Sunday morning. “In the morning, around 7-8 am, a few farmers were taking their vegetables in a boat, and as they were about to reach the Mahavir Tola ghat, the boat capsized. Except for 2 people, the rest of them swam and came to the shore… a search operation is underway, SDRF (State Disaster Response Force) team has reached (the site)… as per eyewitnesses, there were 10-12 people in the boat.”

Odisha Boat Capsized

On April 19 in Odisha’s Jharsuguda district as a boat capsized in the Mahanadi River, resulting in the loss of at least two lives, with seven individuals reported missing. The ill-fated boat was reportedly ferrying around 50 passengers from Patharseni Kuda to Banjipalli in Bargarh district when the incident occurred.


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