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NEW DELHI: Union minister Suresh Gopi on Saturday clarified his remarks where he called former Prime Minister Indira Gandhimother of India‘, stating that his comments were misinterpreted.
Speaking to reporters, the actor-turned-politician explained that he had referred to her as the mother of the Congress party in India, and there was nothing wrong with his statement.
“What did I say? As far as the Congress is concerned…whether anyone likes it or not… K Karunakaran is the father of the Congress party in Kerala. In India, its mother is Indira Gandhi. I said this from my heart,” Gopi told the media.
He further added, “Indira Gandhi is the real architect of India post independence and until her demise. I have to make these attributions anyway. I cannot forget a person who had worked sincerely for the country only because she belonged to the political rival party.”
Union minister Suresh Gopi stirred political waters on Saturday when he described Indira Gandhi as the “mother of India” and late Congress chief minister K Karunakaran as a “courageous administrator”, labeling them as significant figures in India’s political landscape.
The BJP leader made these remarks while visiting Karunakaran’s memorial, “Murali Mandiram,” in Punkunnam.
Recently, Gopi won the Thrissur Lok Sabha seat, securing the BJP’s first electoral victory in Kerala. The constituency had witnessed a closely contested three-way battle between major candidates from the Congress, BJP, and CPI.


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