PM Modi congratulates Payal Kapadia on Cannes win, Natasa Stankovic spotted with Aleksander Alex Ilic, Makers react to rumours of Prabhas and Prithviraj starrer ‘Salaar 2’ getting shelved: Top 5 entertainment news of the day |


Looking to stay updated on the latest happenings in the entertainment world? Look no further! In our daily feature, we bring you the top entertainment news stories making waves today. From PM Narendra Modi congratulating Payal Kapadia on Cannes win, Natasa Stankovic getting spotted with Disha Patani’s rumoured boyfriend Aleksandar Alex Ilic, to makers reacting to rumours of Prabhas and Prithviraj starrer ‘Salaar 2‘ getting shelved; here’s taking a look at top FIVE news from the world of entertainment today!
PM Narendra Modi congratulates Payal Kapadia on Cannes win
Prime Minister Narendra Modi extends congratulations to Payal Kapadia for her Cannes win, hailing it as a source of inspiration for Indian filmmakers.Modi praises Kapadia’s achievement, highlighting her talent showcased on the global stage. The prestigious award not only honors her skills but also motivates a new generation of filmmakers.Fans REACTS as Sharmin Segal rolls her eyes, makes faces at Sanjeeda Sheikh
In an interview, Sharmin Segal’s reactions towards Sanjeeda Sheikh’s comments garner attention, with fans expressing disapproval. Segal’s eye-rolling and facial expressions during Sheikh’s speech prompt criticism online. Netizens perceive Segal’s behavior as disrespectful towards Sheikh, sparking reactions across social media platforms.

Amid divorce rumours, Natasa Stankovic spotted with Disha Patani’s rumoured boyfriend
The mystery surrounding Natasa Stankovic’s companion amid rumors of her divorce from Hardik Pandya unfolds. Speculations arise as photos of Stankovic with an unidentified man surface. The images spark curiosity about Stankovic’s personal life amidst ongoing divorce speculations with Pandya.

Natasa Stankovic’s Instagram activity fuels speculation of trouble in paradise with Hardik Pandya; netizens write, ‘Divorce hua hai kya?’

Has Prabhas and Prithviraj starrer ‘Salaar 2’ been shelved? Makers REACT
The makers of ‘Salaar 2’ respond to rumors about the film’s shelving, addressing speculations circulating online. Amidst uncertainty, the film’s production team provides clarity, offering insights into the project’s status and dispelling any doubts regarding its continuation.

Shah Rukh Khan, Suhana and AbRam head to Chennai for KKR vs SRH IPL finale
Shah Rukh Khan, accompanied by his children Suhana and Abram, heads to Chennai to witness the IPL finale between KKR and SRH. Their presence adds excitement to the event as they cheer for the Kolkata Knight Riders, igniting enthusiasm among fans and spectators alike.


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