BCAS moots 5-year flying ban for hoax threats – Times of India


BCAS moots 5-year flying ban for hoax threats

New Delhi: Issuing hoax threats to flights, airports or any aviation-sector related facility could soon land pranksters on the no-fly list for five years.
Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) DG Zulfiquar Hasan Tuesday said the rising number of such incidents had prompted the agency to propose the action against those found guilty on this count. On Tuesday, too, a large number of airports got threat messages about explosives being hidden.However, the messages turned out to be hoax as thorough checks at these airports yielded nothing. “Six people have already been arrested from across India so far for issuing these hoax threats. Investigations are on and we expect more arrests soon,” Hasan said. Hoax messages cause major disruptions in flight schedules as aircraft, flyers & baggage have to be checked thoroughly.


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