Banda LS Candidate Submits Report Over UP Performance


After the unexpected results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024, the Bharatiya Janata Party, which suffered a major dent in Uttar Pradesh, has reportedly formed a task force to assess the party’s performance in the Yogi Adityanath-ruled state. Meanwhile, BJP leader and candidate from Banda Lok Sabha seat in UP, RK Singh Patel claimed that the ex-MPs and MLAs of BJP “tried their best to cause damage to the elections”.

“On my seat, ex-MPs and MLAs of BJP protested…When they were not given tickets for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, they tried their best to cause damage in the elections…Ex MLAs and MPs worked together to cast votes in favour of a particular caste,” Patel stated, adding that he has submitted the report for the same.

Amid the ongoing deliberations on the loss of the saffron party, UP BJP is focused on finding out the reasons that led to the party’s defeat in the state. The 60-member task force will visit each Lok Sabha constituency and submit its report to the UP BJP president in about a week, a report by India TV noted.

BJP’s Performance In UP Lok Sabha Polls 2024

In the Lok Sabha polls 2024, BJP won merely 33 out of the 80 seats in UP, which was a stark decline against 63 seats, the party clinched in 2019.

On the contrary, the Samajwadi Party, pushing the BJP to second spot in the state, bagged 37 Lok Sabha seats.

While BJP won only 36 seats with its alliance, which won 3 seats, the Samajwadi Party and its alliance Congress won 43 seats together.

It is important for BJP to figure out the reasons that led to their defeat in the state as the by-elections in nine assembly seats are likely to be announced soon.


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