Arvind Kejriwal Slams PM Modi Over Sambit Patra’s Remark


Hitting out at BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra’s remark on Lord Jagganath, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal attacked the saffron party on Tuesday saying that the BJP has become so arrogant that they consider Modi ji as ‘God’ and labelling him with Lord Jagannath.

Speaking at I.N.D.I.A bloc rally in Jamshedpur, Kejriwal claimed that the BJP had grown so arrogant that its members had begun to regard themselves as Gods.

“BJP became so arrogant that these people started considering themselves gods. Lord Jagannath is considered the god of the entire universe. Yesterday, the BJP’s biggest spokesperson, Sambit Patra, said that Lord Jagannath is a devotee of Modi ji. This is a very sad thing. Modi ji jagganath ke bhi upar ho gaye (Modi ji is above even Jagannath ). They should get an answer for their arrogance,” the Delhi CM said, ANI reported.

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Patra became embroiled in controversy on Monday after declaring to a local news channel that “Lord Jagannath is a devotee (bhakt) of PM Modi.” Afterward, he referred to the speech as a “slip of the tongue.”

“These people raise slogans like ‘jo Ram ko laaye hai, hum unhe layenge. Lord Ram has brought all of us into this world. These people say that Modi ji has brought Ram. what is this nonsense?” the AAP convenor said.

‘Ram Mandir Should’ve Been Inaugurated By President Of India:’ Kejriwal 

He went on to say that the President of India ought to have presided over the dedication of the Ram Mandir. “Ram Temple was built and the whole country celebrated. We were also very happy that the temple of our Lord Ram Chandra Ji was built. But the President should have inaugurated that temple. Why didn’t you call her? Because she is tribal. Modi ji insults Adivasis so much. If you remain silent even now, oppression will continue like this,” he added.

Arvind Kejriwal praised Hemant Soren, the former CM of Jharkhand, saying that the people of Delhi are appreciative of his assistance during Corona. “The people of Delhi are grateful to Hemant Soren ji. At the time of Corona, Hemant Soren personally helped the people of Delhi. There was a severe shortage of oxygen in Delhi. I called him and he immediately provided oxygen for Delhi,” he further added.

He expressed that no court has found Hemant Soren guilty, and an investigation is still ongoing. So, why is he in jail? This is Modi’s ‘goondagardi.’ There is no court order against me, yet I was imprisoned. Tomorrow, anyone could be jailed. Modi ji despises tribal communities. Hemant Soren is the most prominent leader of the tribal society in the entire country. His father, Shibu Soren, fought hard to establish Jharkhand. It is heartbreaking to see his son in jail today.

Kejriwal further claimed that results would appear on June 4 and Hemant Soren would join us on June 5 if people pressed the I.N.D.I.A bloc button.


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