Arunachal assembly results today, BJP starts with 10 seats unopposed | India News – Times of India


GUWAHATI: Anticipation runs high in Arunachal Pradesh as residents await the state election results slated for Sunday. The spotlight is on BJP, the governing party that has already clinched 10 seats unopposed in the 60-member assembly, giving it a headstart on counting day.
A key factor giving BJP the advantage is the weak opposition, especially Congress, which has been plagued by internal divisions and defections.Many of its functionaries and cadres have switched allegiance to BJP, further weakening the party’s position.
BJP is likely to benefit from turncoats – politicians from other parties who have joined its fold in exchange for party tickets. This strategy has allowed BJP to consolidate its support base and attract influential local politicians, increasing its appeal among voters, according to political observers.
While the numbers seem to favour BJP, several factors could influence the final outcome and have long-term implications. The turnout, particularly among the youth and first-time voters, will be crucial in gauging public sentiment. BJP’s performance in addressing local issues like infrastructure development, unemployment, and border security will be under scrutiny too.
“The opposition’s ability to regroup and present a united front in the future will also shape the state’s political landscape,” a political analyst said.


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